Timeless modernity.

The Innsbruck “Rathaus Galerien”

With his competition winning concept, international star-architect Dominique Perraults, combined old and new in the city centre of Innsbruck: joining up the existing town hall with the surrounding buildings and creating new open spaces whilst also allowing space for the integration of a hotel.

Art in public space.

The conceptual artist Daniel Buren…

…plays around with the glass covered roof, integrating individual coloured panes and allowing natural light to flood the space below.

With the help of private investors, the new town hall complex was opened in 2002. The current galleries perfectly combine the Maria-Theresienstraße, Adolf-Pichler-Platz and the Anichstraße in the Innsbruck city centre for both visitors as well as locals.

Even today, the glass covered galleries feel ever more timeless and modern.

The “Rathaus Galerie“: A place for happiness, shopping experiences, culinary delights and temporary exhibits.